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workshops and teaching

RIVA offers contemporary dance classes and workshops for dancers of all levels, mainly focusing on partnering and floorwoork, as well as teaching choreography and co-creation based on RIVA repertoire.


A typical RIVA dance class begins with a gradual warm-up that allows dancers to wake up their bodies and minds as needed, before venturing into more dynamic movements. The class then proceeds to the floor and getting comfortable with the floor through a floor phrase, focusing on finding a continuous flow throughout the sequence while working from the core and utilising momentum.


In the second half of the class we start moving more around in the space. Basic movements travelling across the floor, going through some partnering ground rules and finishing class with a phrase that intertwines the movements that have been introduced previously in the class.


RIVA encourages dancers to find their own voice in the given material and feel free to adjust movements based on the individual's body and needs.

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