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One of RIVA's main goals is to have more high quality Faroese performance art and dance represented in Nordic and international settings. In support of this goal, RIVA's artistic directors Rannvá G. Niclasen and Vár Bech Árting, were chosen to be a part of two artists/producers programs in 2022/2023: NB8 Nordic Circle Mentorship Program (2022/2023) and CPH STAGE Emerging Artists/Producers Programme (2023).


We wish to create strong and meaningful connections across borders. To bring new and exciting dance productions to the Faroe Islands and create opportunities for Faroese dance artists to bring their own works abroad. Thus increasing the visibility of dance as a respected art form in the Faroese artistic landscape as well as broadening the horizons of Faroese dance artists. We wish to continuously develop and nourish the Faroese dance environment and contribute to a thriving dance community open for all. Strong connections and partnerships with our Nordic neighbors is therefore a key factor in order for us to gain valuable knowledge and insight that will help us reach our goal.

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NB8 Nordic Circle Mentorship Program

RIVA is part of the 2022/2023 NB8 Nordic Circle Mentorship Program. Through the program RIVA has had the pleasure to have Anne Holck Ekenes (NO), Panta Rei Danseteater's artistic director, as their mentor. 

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