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Memories, whether preserved or suppressed, stay in our bodies and leave behind marks. As we physically change our memories change with us. Memories can be the remnants of a time gone by, a place, a person or an occurrence. Reminiscing about good times; trying to make sense of blurry occurrences gone by in an intoxicated state; wanting to latch onto the memory or trying to run away from it.

a double bill

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tveyeini (two-alone) is a new work dealing with the themes of longing,

yearning and the intimacy between two bodies on stage.

A duet choreographed and performed by Rannvá G. Niclasen og Vár B. Árting.


hvør á KROPPIN á øðrum

HVØR Á KROPPIN Á ØÐRUM were two events celebrating the artform of dance. Both events included performances consisting of longer and shorter choreographic works. Participating professional dancers were representing Grov Productions (NO), RIVA Faroese Dance Company (FO) and DansiEksperimentið (FO).



RIVA's second residency was held on the 8th-19th of June 2022 in Styggbo, Sweden, in further partnership with Ehrstrand Dance Collective as well as Viksjöforsbaletten.

With the residency drawing inspiration from the Swedish folklore "Hårgasagnen" four pieces were created and performed on Viksjöforsbaletten's outdoor stage. 


risin og kellingin

RIVA's debut residency took place on the 2nd-14th of August 2021, bringing together Faroese and international artist to collaborate and create based on the myth behind the two famous sea stacks "Risin og Kellingin" (The Giant and the Hag). The residency ended with a performance showcasing three new works in Løkshøll, Runavík. In addition, two dance films were produced in collaboration with RAMMATIK.

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